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Friday March 19th, 2021

Hi my friends! Please check out this very impressive website that I just stumbled onto. It's called red-pilled.com. Its founder is an extraordinary person. The website is absolutely stunning, mind blowing and just what we need right now in these trialing times we're living in. When you get on feel free to friend me...my user name is freedompress777. I will be sure to friend you back. God bless you all! #LongLiveFreeSpeech



Thursday February 18th, 2021

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen! 😁👋 If you'd like to share a website you've made or are on…Please feel free to self promote yourself in this telegram group that I've set up. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! ❤ t.me/FreedomPress1776


Freedom Press ❤️WWG1WGA❤️

Monday November 9th, 2020

Be on the look out for the launch of liiighthouse.com ♥


Saturday August 29th, 2020

Welcome one and all! Thanks to all of you who have joined my forum so far. I appreciate the love! ♥


If you need to get in contact with me...please e-mail me at freedompress777@protonmail.com

Freedom Press Forum

Freedom Press Forum


Welcome To Freedom Press! The Free Press For All!
Freedom Press: "There is not a truth existing which I fear... or would wish unknown to the whole world." - Thomas Jefferson Jul 8, 2020 20:55:59 GMT
virtualstorrs: Thanks for Accepting me and I look forward to sharing! Knowledge is Information in motion and creates Power! Power to the People! Jul 19, 2020 21:14:02 GMT
Freedom Press: Not a problem at all! It's the least I could do. Thank YOU for joining the forum. You are very wise...what you said is so true. They are really great words to live by 👍 Jul 19, 2020 21:37:37 GMT *
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